Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avakai pickle

Avakai pickle is the hot favorite of all pickle lovers.Who will not love this pickle!!!
Especially home made ones yummy.I was so l
ucky to get these tangy mangoes when i went to the Indian stores here.I made this pickle last week.Now they are ready to be finished.This is how i made it
Raw mangoes(cut)1 cup
Red chilli powder
Mustard powder
Fenugreek seeds

Gingely oil

This is the proposition i used to make the full bottle.For every hand full of cut mangoes i added 2 full spoons of red chilli pow
der,1spoon full of mustard seeds powder,2 & 1/2 tsp full of salt 1/4th spoon of fenugreek seeds.

First wash mangoes & cut them into big pieces(in India they cut it with seeds).Dry these cut pieces on paper so that moisture is absorbed from all pieces.All pieces should be dry.Now using the above mentioned measurement add all the ingredients.Then add gingely oil so that entire pickle is soaked in oil.Oil should float above.Mix well.Let it marinate nicely for 4-5 days.Daily mix the ingredients atleast 2 times.Mangoes will get tender & raw smell of chilli powder will go.This is when ur pickle is ready to use.

Ur yummy avakai pickle is ready.


  1. I'm craving for it vidya, i love so much, ur's looks perfect dear..!:)

  2. Spicy and hot pickles, VIdya !!! great job!

  3. My in law was asking me to make mango pickle yday I dint wanna make it for the fear of the summer and hot pickles... My Mom gave me a recipe almost the same recipes but she had a slight variation... After seeing your pickle I am unable to keep my hands off... Lovely color and mouth tickling...

  4. I lov mango hubby is good in making pickles...seeing that photo my mouth is watering...yummmm...

  5. My favourite Pickle in the world. Looks so yummy and spicy . Will try it soon. I am drooling.........

  6. ur avakai... looks yummy its just tempting me to eat a bowl full of curd rice.....

    happy pickling...