Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bun sandwich

When u think of a healthy and easy breakfast sandwiches come to our mind.When it is grilled it tastes even more better.We did not have bread the other day.Since i love buns we bought buns for this week.So my hubby made this lovely bun sandwiches.It tastes so gud "nobody can stop eating one."I ended up eating 2 & had by lunch very late.I followed what ever he did tasted almost yummy like the ones he made.Here is how he or we made it hehehe.

Bun 1
lettuce hand full
tomato 2-3slices

onion 1slice
butter 1 tsp(i used i can't believe its not butt
er which is made up of olives)Cut the bun into 2 halves.Cut tomato & onion into thin round slices.Spread butter one both sides of the bun.Both sides i mean inside & out side all the 4 sides.Now arrange tomato & onion slices & lettuce.Now grill the bun filled with vegges.When done serve with chips & sauce.

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