Friday, March 27, 2009

Carrot cucumber tomato salad

This salad is high in nutrients & simple to make.Little bit about all the ingredients in this salad.
Carrots are highly rich in vitamin A,sodium, sulphur, chlorine and contain traces of iodine.Chewing a carrot immediately after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth. It cleans the teeth, removes the food particles lodged in the crevices and prevents bleeding of the gums and tooth decay. Raw carrots are good for fertility. Sterility is sometimes overcome by its use.

Cucumber are a valuable source of potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, chlorine and fluorine.Those who suffer from constipation can greatly benefit by taking two cucumbers a day.Grated cucumber applied over face, eyes and neck for 15 - 20 minutes has been found effective as a beauty aid and a best tonic for the skin of the face. Its regular use prevents pimples, blackheads, wrinkles and dryness of the face. Cucumber juice promotes hair growth due to its high silicon and sulphur content, particularly when mixed with carrot, lettuce and spinach juice.

Tomato is considered to have unsurpassable nutritional and health-giving qualities. Tomato is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and carbohydrate.

The carbohydrate in tomato is chiefly in the form of invert sugar which is the predigested form. It contains very small quantity of starch which is converted into sugar, chiefly dextrose during the process of ripening.Tomatoes are highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity. One or two ripe tomatoes taken early morning, without breakfast, for a couple of months is considered a safe method of reduction in weight and at the same time, it also supplies the essential food elements to preserve the health.

With all these nutritive information lets c how to prepare this salad.


carrot 2

cucumber 1

tomatoes 1

coriander leaves few

salt & pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients & adjust salt & pepper according to taste.

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