Sunday, January 25, 2009


many dont like is said its only for patients..true patients take it because it is easy to digest...but thats one of my favo
urite..they taste best when teamed with yummy chutneys and sambar..we can also have it with idly milagai podi..

initially when i prepared these snow white idlies they look good but can never be had coz they turn out so hard..then i learnt the proposition and many side dishes that goes well with it..

all u need to prepare lovely idlies is rice and urad dhal..ratio for them is 4:1 i.e, 4 cups rice and 1 cup urad dhal..soak them separately for 3-4 hrs..then grind urad dhal first then grind rice...then mix them together add the required salt to the flour...allow them to ferment..

it takes one full night to ferment in India..but in US coz of cold climate it takes almost 2 days to ferment...i generally run my microwave oven for 1 min then leave the container inside....i remove the container & run the oven 2-3 times a day..when its ready it almost doubles in quantity...steam
them in idly mold for 15mins...fluffy soft idly is ready...

after all the experiments i discovered the softness of idly depends upon the quantity of urad dhal in the flour..less urad dhal means idlies are gonna be hard they can be used for self defense..more dhal means the idlies are gonna be flat & be careful when u measure...gud luck..

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