Thursday, January 29, 2009

vegetable biriyani

Biriyani is special item whenever it is prepared.every single person at home loves to eat this.usually biryani is prepared with basmati rice.undoubtedly basmathi rice has a special taste which makes the dish a special one.But sometimes eating biryani made out of this rice with all the spices we add to it gives a blotted feeling.Since my father inlaw doesnt like too much of masala still loves to eat variety of food i keep him in mind before preparing i prepare biryani with the usual rice that we eat daily.

Again biryani will be special only when the rice grains donot stick to each other.As i always love to use microwave oven to cook i make biryani in the oven.It tastes really nice and makes the work easy.No mess no fuzz preparation of biryani.

Here is how i do it

Rice 1 cup
vegetables (cut) 1/2cup i add carrots,beans,potatoes,peas,cauliflower,corn kernels
bay leaf 2 pieces
cinnamon sticks 2
ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
onion 1
chilli powder 1-2 tsp
salt to taste
oil 1-2 tsp
ghee 1-2 tsp

Wash rice and keep aside.Cut vegetables into slightly bigger pieces set aside.split cauliflower into small florets and put it in salted water for few mins to make sure there are no worms in it.In a kadai add 1-2 tsps each of oil & ghee.the add the bay leaves & cinnamon sticks.then add onion saute for a while.then add ginger garlic paste saute again.i add ginger garlic paste late to avoid it getting stuck to kadai.then add all the vegetables add mix well.Then add the washed rice and mix well.Now add required amount of water.ratio of water & rice is 2:1.Now add chilli powder & salt.mix well.When the water starts to boil transfer the entire content to a micro wave safe bowl.cook in high for 10mins with out lid.then 10mins with lid.Do not mix the rice in between more than 1 time as the rice breaks and clings to each other.Allow the biryani to stay for a min in the oven then remove it and serve.

My biryani will be not be very spice & with limited masala.So we will never feel blotted after eating it.Try it u will know it.

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