Wednesday, January 28, 2009


venpongal will be given as prasadham in many temples.pongal given in temples will never stick to ur hands and taste so of my husband's aunt taught me how to prepare pongal that tastes exactly like kovil prasadham.i generally cook venpongal in microwave oven.its easy to make it & we dont have to worry about pongal getting stuck to the vessel.

here is how i prepare it.check it out
rice 1cup
moong Dal 1cup
pepper 1tsp
jeera 1tsp
coriander leaves few(chopped)
ginger small piece
hing1/4 tsp
gingelly oil 3-4 tsp
salt to taste
Generally water & rice & Dal ratio is 3 cups of water for 1 cup of rice & Dal together.v can add 1/4cup of water to this when v cook in oven.add all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl.cook in high for 10 mins with out the lid.then after 10 mins take out the bowl mix it then cover with lid cook for 10 more mins.ur pongal is ready.U may have to keep the pongal for 3-4 mins extra depending upon the variety of rice & the oven.

the secret ingredients for the
pongal prepared in temples are the gingelly oil & the hing that is added to it.i never add ghee to my venpongal.if u still like to add ghee to the pongal go ahead add ghee & njoy.u can add ghee also in the initial stages itself.

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