Tuesday, April 28, 2009

carrot rice

Carrots-favorite food of Bugs Bunny hardly needs a description for they are well known and loved by even the youngest children in many countries. Carrots benefits are legendary. Bet your mother told you that eating carrots would keep your eyesight bright.

My hubby always love to have lots of vegetables.So i always make vegetable rice for his lunch.One such rice i made was this carrot rice.Ingredients
Cooked rice 1 cup

carrots 1cup(cut into small cubes)
onion 1
chilli powder 1tsp

salt to taste
oil 2 tsps
mustard seeds 1/4tsp

pressure cook rice & set aside.In a kadai add oil & splutter mustard seeds.When they pop add onions & saute.Then add carrot pieces,Chilli powder & salt.Add little water mix,cover & cook till carrots cook fully.To this carrot mixture add cooked rice & mix well.Adjust for salt.

For added falvor i added 1 tsp dhal powder(paruppu podi) to this rice & mixed.

This goes to FIL-Carrots hosted by Sanghi.

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  1. Carrot rice looks delicious Vidya. Love the other entries too

  2. Simply delicious...lovely entry!

  3. yummy yummy delights vidya..! How about the carrot salad, you haven't send me that..!

  4. Yes, it is simply delicious Vidya...Healthy one indeed..

  5. thanx sanghi will surely send it

  6. Carrot rice looks good ,quick and easy..liked the carrot juice,so healthy juice

  7. Carrot rice looks so colourful and nice.... I'm blogging after 4 days and my reader showed 10 unread posts in yours... :O Went thro' all the recipes and they all are real yumm yumms!