Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grape juice

Grapes are very rich source of antioxidants.They grow in bunches or clusters on grape vines. They are classified as a type of berry because they grow on vines. Grape clusters can be green, red, pink or purple.The very mention of grapes brings wine to our mind.The process of preparing wine is quite interesting.

I made grape juice last week.This is how i made it...

Grapes 1 cup
sugar 1/4cup(according to the taste)

Lime juice 1 tspBlend grapes & sugar in a blender & strain.Add lime juice ,chill & serve.
This goes to Anu Sriram's event Refreshing drink for summer.

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  1. Wonderful. We love grape juice at home, always have some in the fridge. I don't make it at home, homemade is the best. Looks delicious, great entry! :)