Sunday, April 26, 2009

Indian burrito

I had my first Mexican food last week.I loved the burrito served there.I wanted to make it at home.Then i decided to make the Indian version of burrito.It tasted so gud my hubby & myself ended up eating lots.Well we had to have a soda pop for digestion lol

Here is how I made it

Channa masala 1cup
Mixed vegetables 1cup
Cooked rice1cup

olive oil 2-3tsps
ghee 2 tsps
salt to taste
coriander leaves few
spring onions few

U can find channa masala recipe here.

For sauted vegetables i used frozen vegetables which contained carrots,beans,corn and peas.In a kadai i added these vegetables.To these
vegetables i added few drops of olive oil & some salt & sauted till the vegetables are cooked & tender.

I pressure cooked rice separately.In a bowl i mixed cooked rice with ghee & little salt.

This is how i layered my burrito

First i spread a layer of ghee rice,topped with channa masala,sauted vegetables,another layer of rice,some more sauted vegetables & garnished with spring onions.


  1. thanks for the lovely comment, dear. Love your version of burrito more than the actual :)

  2. Mmm good healthy version, yummy!

  3. looks yum, new to me, shall give a try!!

  4. Thanx for the visit and for the comments Vidya..Burrito looks yummy and pretty simple too,never tasted these..but i lov ghee rice