Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mambazha pachadi

Manga pachadi is prepared on tamil new year day to depict the different phases of life.I couldn't get hold of raw mangoes but could get less sweet ripe mangoes.So i made mambazha pachudi.This is also my dad's favorite & my mom prepares this with raw mango & sweetex.He still njoys eating this.

This is how i made it
Ripe mango 1cup(only pulp cut into pieces)
Jaggery 1/2cup(it depends upon the sweetness o
f the mangoes)
Elachi powder a generous pinch

Peel mango skin & cut the pulp into small pieces.In a kadai add the cut mangoes pieces and add little water.Mix well,cover & cook.When the mangoes are cooked add jaggery to this cooked mangoes.Mix well & cook till jaggery melts & mixes with the mangoes.Ur simple mambazha pachadi is ready.

Iam sending this to Methai mela hosted by cooking 4 all seasons.


  1. This is so new to me, looks yummy. Thanks for dropping by my blog

  2. Yumm! love mango pachadi as sweet also as tangy!

  3. Looks yum,, sweet and tangy! :)