Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vegetable pizza

Everybody loves pizza.Kids love to eat pizza whenever they possibly can.How gud it will be to have pizza thatz made of only vegetables.Yes i happened to c this in a TV show & made few changes according to the available items.

Here i go with only vegetable pizza recipe

Big egg plant 1
Pizza sauce 4-5 tsps
Bell pepper(red,green,yellow & orange) 1 cup
onion 1

Black pepper 1tsp
Rice flour 1tsp
Mild cheddar cheese(original recipe had mozzarella cheese)1-2tsps
White pepper 1 tsp
Olive oil 1 tsp
Olives few

Jalapenos few
mixed vegetables 2-3 tsps
salt to taste

Cut eggplant into thin round pieces.Sprinkle some crushed black pepper & rice flour on these pieces & toast them in dosai thava till they cook on both sides (like how v make dosai).I used little olive oil when tossing eggplant.Set aside.In a kadai add olive oil to this add chopped onions & saute till raw smell goes.Then add bell peppers & mix well.Now add mixed vegetables to this & saute till they cook.I used frozen vegetables.Add white pepper powder & salt.Take off stove.

Arrange cooked eggplant pieces in a microwave
safe plate.Using these eggplant pieces as base top it with pizza sauce,sauteed vegetables,jalapenos,cheese,olives.Microwave in high for 30-50 secs or until cheese melts.

Healthy only vegetable pizza is ready.Isn't it healthy???

This is my entry to Mahi's 15 minutes cooking


  1. What a wonderful snack to have, don't think my kids will go for Eggplant but I would have a few!:D

  2. even i wont go for eggplant Asha but they tasted very gud so i ended up having few pieces u can try with ur kids too

  3. that is very creative. very healthy too. thx for ur email.