Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pal payasam-my 100th post & an award

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Iam so happie to make my 100th post.Blogging has been so much fun that i didnt realize i reached a milestone.I thank all my blogger friends for their support.A special thanx to Vidhas of Appetizing recipes who have been full of support right from the day i started blogging.

Here goes my 100TH Post pal payasam.This is a all time favorite of my family.My dad loves this payasam.Since he has diabetics i prepare it separately for him with sweetex.I love to c the joy in his face when he has these occasional sweets as he loves sweets.He is very strict about his diet,so w
e all take immense care to prepare his favorite items.Pal Payasam
Milk 1 litre

Sugar 1 tumbler
Rice 1 hand full

Wash rice & add to milk.Pressure cook this milk for
5 whistles & then turn the flame to as low as possible.Now leave this payasam to cook for 1 hour from the time u kept the stove in low flame.After an hour take off stove allow it to cool.Now add one tumbler sugar to this.This payasam tastes great when serve cold.So cool & chill this payasam before serving.

Iam sending this to Anu sriram's RD for summer event & mithai mela hosted by cooking 4 all seasons.

Vidhas of appetizing recipes have been showering with awards right from the beginning..She has passed n i love ur blog award.Thanx a lot Vidhas for all ur love & affection.Iam so honoured.


  1. Happy 100th post girl, enjoy blogging.

    Pal payasam looks yum. It's nice of you to make something sweet for him! :)

  2. Hello Vidhya, this is Sucharitha, Venkat's wife. I dint know you had a blog. Minnalaye sollirukkalame. I also have a blog. Visit whenever u find time. Good work.

  3. My all time fav! looks yummy Vidya!

  4. congratulations on ur 100th post...!

    keep on going...
    wish u happy blogging.

  5. Happy century! U made so many posts i ve never came here, glad to find u :) Paal payasam looks tasty !

  6. Congrats Vidya!! Paal payasam looks yum!