Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apple custard

"An apple a day keeps the doctor's away" is a saying.So i try to include at least one apple a day in our diet.When we had invited our friends for lunch last weekend i wanted to prepare something simple,tasty at the same time healthy dessert.So i decided to prepare custard which will save a lot of time for me.

Here is what u need to prepare this dessert
Apples 2
Milk 1 litre
Sugar 1/2 cup(approximately)
Custard powder 3-4 tsp
Cashew nuts & raisins few(optional)From one litre of milk take half cup of milk & boil the rest.Mix the custard powder in this half cup milk & set aside.When the milk has started to boil simmer the stove & add the milk in which u dissolve custard powder.Stir constantly after adding this custard paste to avoid milk from sticking to the vessel.In a min or 2 this custard will start thickening.Remove from stove.Now peel of the skin of the apples & cut into small pieces & add to the custard.Garnish with cashew nuts & raisins.Allow the custard to cool & refrigerate.Serve chilled.

Full preparation time is less than 10 mins(excluding the time to chill it).U can even make this custard with mangoes,pineapples,grapes &bananas.This custard powder is available in different flavors.I used vanilla flavor.

Iam sending this recipe to Varsha's Recipes for the rest of us event & one page cookbooks by Ramki.This is the first time iam sending an entry to an event.


  1. Great looking dessert, good one. I used to eat fruit custard in B'lore a lot, brings back lot of memories!

    See you later in my blog, my usual Wednesday post is out! :))

  2. Lovely dessert da..:)
    thanks for sending in..:)