Monday, February 23, 2009

Strawberry preserve

Hurrah 3 Oscars for India.A.R.R bagged 2 & Resul pookutty bagged one.Lovely news to start the day.Although i missed the live show saw the news over & over again to watch the oscars.Many congrats to the SDM team for winning the best movie award.It was nice to c the kids acted in that movie in LA.They have a future now.If u all have not seen the movie watch it.Simply superb.Truth is bitter but still watch it.As rightly said by Mr.pookutty they are bringing history bac to India.

Also happie to the little Pinky from UP walk through the red carpet.Her movie won the best documentary award.Hats off to all these people.

With this wonderful news I post my most favorite Strawberry preserve dish.As u all can know from my blog how much i love these berries.We bought lots of strawberries from costco.I Couldn't finish them.So decided to make preserves.We always buy strawberry preserves not jam.So i thought why not try making it myself.We love the strawberry chunks we get in between.

Here i go my strawberry preserve
A big bowl of strawberries
5-6 tsp sugar(it depends upon the taste of strawberries)
lime juice 1/2tsp
Remove the top part of strawberry where it will be a little white & hard.In a wide mouthed vessel put all berries & cook in slow flame.These berries contain water so don't have to add water.When they become soft & cooked completely add sugar.Add little by little tasting it in between.Beware it will be hot!!!!When the sugar dissolves completely & u reach the desired consistency add lime juice & take off stove immediately.Allow it to cool.It will set nicely like jam.Strawberry chunks in between was soo gud.

Njoy it with bread.Or can have it jus like that they are so yummy

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