Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Parangikai(pumpkin) sweet kuttu

The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which is Greek for “large melon". The French adapted this word to pompon, which the British changed to pumpion and later American colonists changed that to the word we use today, “pumpkin". The origin of pumpkins is not known, although pumpkins are thought to have originated in North America. The oldest evidence, pumpkin-related seeds dating between 7000 and 5500 B.C., were found in Mexico. Pumpkins are a squash-like fruit that range in size (less than 1 pound (0.45 kilograms) to over 1,000 pounds (453.59 kilograms), shape, color, and appearance (smooth or ribbed). In Tamil it is known as "parankikkaai" (பரங்கிக்காய்)or "sarkkarai poosani" (சர்க்கரைப் பூசணி).

Pumpkin itself is sweet in nature.When combined with jaggery it tastes awesome.

Now to my recipe.
Pumpkin 1 cup (cut)
jagery 4-5 tsp(depends upon the taste of pumpkin)
In a kadai add pumpkin & add little water.cover & cook.When done add required jaggery & mix well.

Isnt it simple.Very tasty.

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  1. very easy recipe! I never tried this. easy and simple.