Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snake Gourd salad

I am Member of Isha yoga Centre in Coimbatore.The yoga i learnt there changed my life a lot.They teach not only yoga but help us c our life in a new perspective.Will give all details in a separate column about Isha yoga.Coming to this salad the day when v had our dikshai we were served food.Speciality of the food is that it was uncooked.No match sticks used no gas.But the food they served were so gud.Above all a very healthy food.Though its not possible to eat them all the time i try to incorporate that food along with our regular food.

One such food is this snake gourd salad.Unless u tell people they will not b
e able to tell u its snack gourd.It will taste like cucumber salad.I made few changes like seasoning it.

Here is the salad for u all.

Snake gourd 2(if its the small one)
capsicum (1/4 of a capsicum)
tomato 1
salt & pepper to taste
Oil 1 tsp
mustard & uradh dhal 1 tsp
coriander leaves to season

Finely chop snake gourd,capsicum & tomato.Mix them all.In a kadai add oil & splutter mustard seeds & add uradh dhal.Add this to the vegetable mixture.Add salt & pepper & adjust according to taste.Garnish with coriander leaves.

We donot add carrot to this as all the ingredients in this salad are soft.If u want to add carrots & more color to this salad grate carrot & add to this salad.U can also add cucumber to this but will not make much of a difference in the taste.

Try it u will definitely love it.

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