Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple brownie

How nice it is to get in touch with ur childhood buddy..yes i got in touch with my childhood friend 2 days bac.I was so busy talking to her & had no time to make any postings.I feel so happie to talk to her.Jus waiting to meet her.

In this happie occasion i present my brownie recipe.Simple, easy & tasty one.
Here i go...
Cake mix 1 pack(i used chocolate cake mix)
oil5 tsp
milk 1/2cup(substitute for egg)
almonds,raisins 2-3 tspIn a vessel add the cake mix oil & milk & bet nicely to make a smooth paste.Add the almonds & raisins & mix well.Pre heat oven to 360degrees.Grease a baking tray with oil & pour the mix.Bake for 40 mins & check if its fully done.To check use a knife & insert it in the cake.If it comes out clean brownie is done.Adjust time accordingly.Allow it to cool & cut it into ur desired shape.


  1. YUMMY! Great looking brownies.

    It always nice to meet childhood friends again, enjoy.

  2. I love brownies. Urs look lovely dear. Can I get one:)

  3. Nice brownies. I have to buy a oven. I am taking my share vidya.

  4. sure vidhas...take any no. u want

  5. I lov to make brownies..i already posted 2 brownie recipes ,3rd one in my draft...looks so rich