Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spaghetti in tomato sauce

This is the first time i tried spaghetti with tomato sauce.I got a tomato sauce from walmart.It didn't have salt or anything in it.It tasted jus like a tomato puree.So i tried to use it in spaghetti.This is how i made it

Spaghetti 1 box
Hot water 1 ltr
tomato sauce 1 small tin
chilli powder 1 tsp

salt to taste
oil 2 tsp

onion 1
carrot cut into thin slices 1/4cup
peas 1/4cup

coriander leaves few
In a wide mouth vessel boil water.When water starts to boil add little salt & spaghetti to it.Add a tsp oil to this to avoid spaghetti from becoming sticky. Allow spaghetti to cook to required tenderness.Drain water & run cold water on cooked spaghetti & set aside.In a kadai add oil & then onions to it.Saute for a while.

Now add carrots & peas to it.Add Tomato sauce to it.Now add chilli powder & salt to it.Allow the sauce to cook for a while.When it starts add the cooked spaghetti & mix well.Garnish with coriander leaves.

This was more like how we prepare tomato sevai in India.So i called it Indian spaghetti.sounded gud to me how abt u?

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  1. Whenever I use store bought Spaghetti sauce, I always add salt, sugar and herbs to enhance the taste. Otherwise, it's pretty bland. Looks yummy V, my kids love this dish! :)

  2. Vidya, i always prepare this for my kids, my add ing corn to that. It really tastes nice and my kids love this

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  4. i also used store bought sauce once..but after tasting it i thought i can make it better at home and plus no preservatives so since then i usually make it at home..btw spaghetti looks delicious

  5. this is such a classic .. I love this

  6. Dolmio pasta bake sauce is ideal. Ofcourse they are all low in salt, so we can add a pinch or two as required. It has little bits of onions and a good flavour too. I like reading your recipes and i have made a few. I am amazed by the culinary talents in these blogs. I can only say wow.